Dp DermaceuticalsTM

The Dermapen difference Dp DermaceuticalsTM has been specially created to support the Infusion of actives and pre/post home care, for Dermapen protocols and their WORLD CLASS RESULTS. Dermapen treatments focus on 3 key target areas which bring together the Dermapen concept and difference. Regenerative process Triggering Growt Factors Infusion of substances (DP Dermaceuticals Dermapen difference)

Dp DermaceuticalsTM has been designed to safely enhance, compliment and repair the skin, PRIOR, DURING & POST Dermapen treatments, whilst eliminating risk and reaction forming part of the ATP (Authorised TreatmentProvider) program.

Utilising its own targeted delivery vehicle of HylaFuseTM, Dp Dermaceuticals delivers clinically tested, bio-compatible active ingredients to specific skin depths.

The right ingredients in the right forms in the right doses.

Perfectly suited to rejuvenation treatments such as Laser, IPL

Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels and ongoing skin management.

DermapenTM offers Fitzpatrick friendly and non-ablative technology that eliminates the risk of melanocyte heat injury and abnormal fibrotic formation. Also preserves the epidermis, providing the most ideal balance between optimal results and minimal downtime.

 Dermapen Versus: Laser • Heat based • Not Fitzpatrick friendly Needling Stamp • No control over depth of penetration • Can be painful • Very slow treatment • Large needle gauge = epidermal tearing Needling Roller • No control over depth • Needles are inserted on an angle creating arching within the skin causing epidermal tearing • High cost